Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs is a leading door specialist company, providing high-quality and innovative door solutions to customers in the Midlands region.

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Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs excels in top-quality, bespoke door solutions.

There are several advantages of choosing a company like Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs that specialises in doors. Firstly, their expertise in the field ensures that they possess in-depth knowledge and understanding about different types of doors, their functionality, and specifications. This ensures that customers receive accurate guidance and can make informed decisions based on their unique requirements. Secondly, Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs likely has a wide range of door options available, allowing customers to browse through various styles, materials, and finishes to find the perfect fit for their homes or businesses. Additionally, by relying on a specialised company, customers can expect quality products and professional installation services, ensuring efficient and durable doors that meet their expectations and enhance the aesthetics and security of their spaces.

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Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs offers premium, innovative doors for every home.

Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs is a leading company specialising in doors, and its expertise offers a multitude of benefits to customers. Firstly, their extensive range of doors cater to various needs and preferences, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their homes or businesses. Secondly, with a team of highly skilled professionals, the company ensures top-notch installation services, guaranteeing the longevity and functionality of the doors. Thirdly, Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs places great emphasis on the quality of their products, ensuring that customers receive durable, secure, and energy-efficient doors that contribute to cost savings and increased property value. Lastly, the company's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their exceptional customer service, offering expert advice, prompt responses, and tailored solutions to meet individual requirements. With Crown Windows, Orangeries & Warm Roofs, customers can trust that they are making the smartest choice for their door needs.

Flush doors

Flush doors are the epitome of simplicity and elegance in door design. Unlike panelled or carved doors, flush doors present a smooth, unbroken surface, exuding a minimalist aesthetic that pairs well with modern and contemporary interiors. Constructed typically from a solid or hollow core, these doors are then covered with veneer, laminate, or other finishing materials that impart a sleek and clean appearance. Their unembellished design not only offers a sophisticated look but also ensures easy maintenance since there are no intricate grooves or carvings that can accumulate dust. Beyond aesthetics, flush doors often provide a sound barrier and can be tailored to offer varying degrees of fire resistance or insulation, depending on the core material chosen. Their versatility allows them to be used both internally, like in bedrooms and bathrooms, and externally with appropriate treatments to withstand weather conditions. Synonymous with modernity and functionality, flush doors seamlessly blend into any architectural setting, proving that sometimes, less is indeed more.

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Panel doors

Panel exterior doors are a classic testament to architectural tradition and craftsmanship. Distinctly characterised by raised or recessed sections, these doors incorporate a series of panels, framed by stiles and rails, creating depth and visual interest. Their design is not merely decorative; the panels allow for the natural expansion and contraction of wood, accommodating weather-related changes without warping. Historically, these doors graced the entrances of grand homes and estates, signaling opulence and attention to detail. Today, they can be found in a variety of materials, including wood, fiberglass, and steel, and in designs ranging from the simple elegance of a single panel to the intricate detailing of multiple panels. Beyond aesthetics, panel exterior doors offer robust durability, especially when crafted from solid materials, serving as reliable barriers against potential intruders and harsh weather elements. They not only act as gateways to homes but also set the tone for a home's architectural and design narrative, merging timeless beauty with enduring functionality.

Glazed doors

Glazed exterior doors elegantly combine the structural integrity of solid doors with the transparency and beauty of glass. Serving as gateways to homes and buildings, these doors feature sections of glass that invite natural light into interior spaces, establishing a welcoming ambiance and facilitating a visual connection between the indoors and outdoors. The glazing can vary, from clear, unobstructed views to frosted or stained options that offer privacy while still permitting light penetration. Beyond aesthetics, the glass elements in these doors can also be double or triple-glazed, enhancing thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Additionally, reinforced or tempered glass options can boost security. With a myriad of design possibilities, from ornate patterns to minimalist styles, glazed exterior doors offer homeowners and architects a versatile option that bridges the gap between form and function, casting interiors in a favourable light and making entrances truly memorable.

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Stable doors

Stable doors, commonly known as Dutch doors, carry a rustic charm that harkens back to rural settings and pastoral simplicity. Split horizontally in the middle, these doors allow the top and bottom halves to operate independently of each other. This unique design permits the top section to be opened for ventilation and light while keeping the bottom closed, offering safety for children and pets or keeping livestock at bay. Originally utilised in stables to feed and interact with animals without fully opening the door, Dutch doors have found their way into homes, offering a blend of functionality and whimsical design. Whether crafted from solid wood for a traditional look or more modern materials for contemporary settings, stable doors remain a beloved architectural element, adding a touch of countryside aesthetic to both urban and rural homes alike.

French doors

French doors are synonymous with elegance, charm, and a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces. Traditionally characterised by their double-door design, they are primarily composed of glass panes extending for most of their length, which bathes interiors in natural light and offers expansive views of the outdoors. Originating in France during the Renaissance, their design was influenced by the desire to allow more light into homes prior to the availability of electricity. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, French doors also function as a practical and versatile entryway. They can connect an interior room to an outdoor patio, garden, or balcony, or serve as a stylish partition between two interior spaces, such as between a living room and a sunroom. The generous glass panels, often framed by intricate wood or metal, can be dressed with curtains or blinds for added privacy. Marrying beauty with functionality, French doors have endured through architectural eras, standing as a timeless testament to refined taste and design sophistication.

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Patio doors

Patio doors are specifically designed to provide wide, unobstructed views and easy access between indoor living areas and outdoor spaces like patios, decks, or gardens. They serve as a bridge, blending the comfort of the indoors with the beauty and expansiveness of the outside. Commonly made with large glass panels, these doors maximise natural light, brightening up interiors and offering panoramic views of the surroundings. Depending on design preferences and space considerations, patio doors can slide, swing, or fold. Sliding patio doors, in particular, are a popular choice for their space-saving qualities, as they don't require the swing space of hinged doors. Beyond functionality, patio doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home, acting as a visual centerpiece and often drawing the eye toward the landscape or outdoor features. Coupled with energy-efficient glass and secure locking systems, modern patio doors offer insulation and security without compromising on style, making them an essential feature for homeowners who value both design and practicality.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold exterior doors represent the pinnacle of modern design, combining aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge functionality. Comprising multiple panels that fold against each other in a concertina fashion, bi-fold doors offer a wide and uninterrupted view of the outdoors when fully open, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces. Ideal for patios, terraces, or garden-facing rooms, these doors allow homeowners to expand their living areas, facilitating al fresco dining or indoor-outdoor parties. Beyond their visual appeal, bi-fold doors are highly practical. They can be tailored to fit a wide range of openings, and the use of high-quality tracks ensures smooth operation. Advanced materials and glazing options enhance their insulation properties, making them energy-efficient, while robust locking mechanisms ensure security. Whether opened fully to let in the summer breeze or closed during cooler months to provide a panoramic view of the garden, bi-fold exterior doors embody contemporary elegance, transforming spaces and lifestyles.

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Fire doors

Fire doors are a critical component in building safety, acting as a protective barrier designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different sections of a structure. Crafted from a combination of materials like solid timber, metal, and fire-resistant glass, these doors are engineered to withstand high temperatures for specified periods, often ranging from 30 minutes to several hours. Beyond their primary safety function, fire doors play a role in facilitating safe egress, allowing occupants to evacuate a building during emergencies. They're typically fitted with specialised hardware, such as intumescent strips and seals, which expand under heat, ensuring a tight seal and further preventing the passage of smoke and flames. For a fire door to be effective, it's essential for it to remain closed or self-close after opening, which is why they often feature specific door closers or hold-open devices. Though paramount in commercial and multi-residential settings, the importance of fire doors is increasingly recognised in single residential units as well. Both functional and potentially lifesaving, fire doors underscore the intersection of design, technology, and safety in modern architecture.

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